Company Overview

The team at Gastown Collectables Inc. (GCI) is well positioned to meet the fluctuating needs of our clients. In an economy where fluctuating dollars make very little sense to today’s currency consumer, GCI rises above the competition to offer what we know our customer’s really need; peace of mind.

At GCI, we pride ourselves in turning your hard earned dollars, euros, or pesos into something that makes sense to you. Whether you are making strides with your Canadian reputation abroad, or taking steps on Canadian soil for the very first time, we have your money needs handled from beginning to end, to ensure that is the least of your concerns. Our expertise and longevity in the business is a testament of our unparalleled integrity and loyalty to today’s currency consumer.

Our specialists are standing by to offer you competitive rates on all of the major currencies, in addition to a number of foreign exchange services, international remittance services by Western Union, collectable coins, cheque cashing as well as bullion sales.

At GCI, we know how important your money is to you. Our mindset is on you, the customer; it’s a mindset that hasn’t changed since 2001. As a result we have been able to rise above industry service providers to serve you with competitive rates and a flawless attention to your details for over 15 years. Our reputation precedes us. Because of you, our valued customer, we have been able to continue raising the bar on our unparalleled service to keep the world’s currencies precisely where it belongs…..in YOUR hands.


When you need help with a large sum of money, and to you every amount is important, passing it off to a stranger to manage isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. The team at GCI knows this. As such, we have gone to exceptional levels of measures of quality control to ensure all of our business activities are in compliance with all federal and provincial legislation and regulations.

In addition to a number of security measures we provide, the experts at GCI take a proactive mindset when it comes to understanding The Proceeds of Crime Act and the Terrorist Financing Act. We are very clear on what our responsibilities are, and we take those very seriously to ensure every single one of our clients experiences a secure and safe transaction…every single time.

When it comes to our records and our responsibilities to federal and provincial legislation, we have maintained our commitment over the last 15 years to comply with all legislative bodies and to offer the government an open book policy. When it comes to you, and your personal information and your most precious assets, GCI specialists offer you the same commitment and compliance with leading privacy legislation to ensure your transactions are seamless, secure, and discreet. Of course in order to maintain our exceptional standards, we may be required to collect information from our clients, but you can rest assured, we take privacy laws very seriously.

No matter which way you look at it, you will never have to worry when funds exchange hands at GCI. Our accountability record speaks for itself, as we maintain our commitment to keep the world’s currencies….in YOUR hands.

Vision/Mission Statement

The biggest priority at Gastown Collectables Inc. is to become the most trusted currency exchange provider in BC. Our mission to accomplish this occurs first at the consumer level, because we know that securing your peace of mind is the solution that will produce those results.

GCI prides itself on having the honor and the privilege of serving Canadians on home soil. As a result, our reputation precedes us throughout Vancouver, with all of our clients across this great country, and now thanks to you, also across the world. After becoming a leading industry service provider in Vancouver, the mission of GCI is to become Canada’s number one specialist in currency exchange. The vision that drives us is inspired from our most valued asset, our consumers.

Meeting your needs, maintaining your security and privacy, and taking the stress out of every single currency exchange with a level of accountability and transparency that is unmatched in the business is our only goal. That’s how we have become number one locally, and exactly how we plan to become number one globally. We couldn’t do it without you….our global consumer.

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